Stingray ★★★½

STINGRAY lives and breathes the 80's in a good way while it is closest to MIAMI VICE regarding a modern way of editing, tons of music and good sense of style.

I actually "reverse engineered" this TV show pilot by Stephen J. Cannell, the great mind behind classic action shows like THE A-TEAM. The 90's had VENGEANCE UNLIMITED, an amazing, yet short-lived thriller show with a Film Noir feeling starring Michael Madsen. I knew that the concept is close to STINGRAY but since I never saw STINGRAY when it aired 1985-87 I had to go back now digging up that show starring Nick Mancuso.
The similarities between those two TV shows are obvious but while VENGEANCE UNLIMITED is more of a cool crime show STINGRAY is a more of an action show- but it's the same kind of cool.

Maybe this pilot offers a bit too much of the music clip esthetic and maybe it's a bit too long but overall it presents the potential for a show around his protagonist without a name and identity but with a black Stingray. Something worth discovering for fans of the aforementioned MIAMI VICE and VENGEANCE UNLIMITED.