The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

There's not really been many films released this year I've been compelled to seek out on the big screen, but The Northman was absolutely worth it. An intense movie with very impressive production values and a set of committed performances.

While it's more straightforward than Robert Eggers' previous two films, there's still a surreal dreaminess and rich atmosphere for the majority of the film. It totally sucks you into this Viking world where there's some light magic elements. The moments where it really leans into trippy visuals feel distinctly Eggers. It looks fantastic front to back and the set-pieces are all very impressively pulled off. Really impressive long takes used throughout. Some of the violence really packs a punch too, especially as the action is so well choreographed.

At the end of the day the concept of exploring "revenge is a futile, never-ending cycle" is one that's already been explored by many movies (also this is very Hamlet-esque). Though there are certain dynamics to the character relations that make sure it isn't as straightforward as you may initially expect. Though it definitely hits most of the beats you'd expect, especially come the final act. It's surely one of the most impressive renditions of that moral tale though, in terms of pure epic scale.

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