Shame ★★★★★

Me upon starting to watch this film

Me a minute into the movie, upon seeing Michael Fassbender's gigantic penis.

All memes aside, Shame is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. It's one of those films that is able to re-energise my love for film in general as well as making my obsession over the medium seem warranted.

It has been in the back of my mind to watch this film for a long time, since I loved 12 Years a Slave, also directed by Steve McQueen. While that film was a lot larger in scale and emotionally bombastic, Shame is a much more subtle affair.

McQueen's direction feels effortlessly fantastic as he implements magnificent long takes and utilises some brilliant camerawork to navigate scenes. There's also the striking colour scheme of the film, which I'm not totally sure of the full meaning behind, but at the very least it provides a memorable aesthetic.

We're given a small set of well-defined characters to follow, with Michael Fassbender's sex-addict lead being at the core. All the performances are wonderful, Fassbender is fantastic really showing his range. Carey Mulligan is also a delight, she's becoming one of my favourite actresses between this, Drive and Inside Llewyn Davis. Even the supporting cast are more interesting and better defined than the leads in most dramas.

I honestly can't think of even a minor thing to complain about with this film. I was left in awe after it was finished. An amazing film about addiction, providing rich character & thematic exploration, fantastic direction and of course; Michael Fassbender's impressively huge penis (seriously.. what the fuck).

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