Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★½

I'm not really interested in following the Marvel cinematic universe anymore, but I have a soft spot for Guardians of the Galaxy since it's relatively standalone and easily the most rewatchable of the bunch. This sequel is a bit of a step down, but I still think it's among the best of Marvel's output.

At times this is very much just a noisy CGI mess, but at least it's colourful and fitted with another charming soundtrack. Its lack of self-seriousness goes beyond the cop-out method of quips and as a whole the film does find itself helming a party-like atmosphere. There's definitely a few action scenes that reach mindless levels that let the film down however. Some of the quips are also pretty flat, which I think is to be expected from Marvel at this point.

In terms of plot, this is decent. There's a few too many characters involved to achieve a fully satisfying outcome but regardless it's still worthwhile. The central stuff between Quill and his father is decent, if fairly basic and the other characters are all given enough things to do. Aside from the middle of the film, which I felt lacked focus, this film does balance characters well and the chemistry between the group is pretty good.

There's even a character death that holds weight, a first for the MCU. Now they do dwell on it for a little too long with a cheesy ending, but it's nice to see a Marvel film that isn't totally emotionally hollow for once. All the character development is fairly simple, but at least it feels genuine and not forced. Charisma can take a film a long way as it turns out.

This is kind of a big 'ol blockbuster mess compared to its predecessor which was a lot tighter, but at least it's fun for the most part. In being standalone compared to the rest of the MCU (excluding the original GotG of course) and balancing its character focus reasonably well, this is a good time. Wish it would've maybe been scaled down a little to allow more time for characters as opposed to explosions and shooting, but this works. I'll be checking out Vol. 3 whenever that comes out probably.

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