Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service ★★★★★

Kiki's autonomy is redefined when she (an animated character) is shown a sketch of herself (its inanimated origin), but as an abstraction in which an artist express their views of her.

The entire film has its own battle with the beauty of Miyazaki's fantasy and its naturalistic portray of the inmigrant experience through the eyes of our protagonist adapting to this new environment.
So when we get to that scene, it almost seems inevitable that the film itself would refugite her in the dreams of a child. It recognizes the necessity not only of art as mirrage of her own struggle, but as escapism, as an empowering narrative and as a shared experience. In the end, both can live together: the fantasy of being a local hero, of flying and saving someone for the cameras like a superhero, and the reality of finding yourself in this new comunity, of finding confidence enough to be part of these people's lives.
Transition from the flowers of your old home to the painbrushers of an artist who is also your friend. This might not be definitive version of herself, but it certainly works as step to that.

This would have been a childhood favorite of mine.

Wish y'all a Happy New Year ☺❤️

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