• Iverson



    swear to god I thought dude was a pisces this whole time, he's a gemini??? I mean yeah that makes sense too but he's not even a water moon????? that's the real fucked up part if you ask me

    but yeah this is very well put together and I very much admire it as a portrait-doc rather than a greatest hits, Iverson is inherently just such a great and important figure but I think it gets a little too hung…

  • Empire of Passion

    Empire of Passion


    I like it more than Senses! was mislead as to what this actually was -- told that it was essentially the same movie but with ghosts but this is a bonafide horror movie about adultary and murder (with ghosts!)
    Oshima's just so good at movies. He knows where to put the camera and how to make it look good.

  • Nichols and May: Take Two

    Nichols and May: Take Two


    Elaine May I am begging you like I have never begged anybody for anything else ever before PLEASE give me a chance

    Little more than a clip show with some very simple talking heads (Steve Martin's kinda the only one I'd call useful but Irving Penn's just so darn cute); some gags playing out in a very total-totality but when they're as GOOD as the mother and son telephone call (May's acting here is unironically SO great), who gives a hoot

  • John Garfield

    John Garfield


    Rappaport is literally just a YouTube essayist but one who's a lot more bored-sounding with his material -- he's lucky I like my stuff succinct

  • Violin Fase

    Violin Fase


    neat! lots of love for the actual Reich piece but I think this is probably just played a little too straight to be worth too much beyond neat (though I'm happy to admit I'm a philistine when it comes to dance-as-art though I can clearly tell this took a lot to pull off). Maybe if we were treated to some overlays to match the phasing of the music and create more visual abstraction we'd have something a little better and more fitting but as it stands -- neat!

  • Heaven Can Wait

    Heaven Can Wait


    quite good for a movie I thought I hated for the first 15-20 minutes ! I can really see where Elaine May shines through in the script and though this is probably the least-good I've seen Beatty (somehow?) he still has that massive charisma and charm to keep this thing afloat. Nothing special in front of or behind the camera, which is makes Dick Tracy feel even odder; but a cute little picture regardless. It's funny and I like the set up.

  • Casting Blossoms to the Sky

    Casting Blossoms to the Sky


    Obayashi's on another level entirely

    I can't imagine Sada will ever get overtaken because it's so inherently for me but if anything comes close to this too I'm gonna be shocked

    Not sure I've really seen something so inherently huge and encompasing and so broadly important yet so small and minimal, totally of the idosyncrasies of the man behind it and without any pretentiousness whatsoever -- there's not a whole lot to say about this other than encouraging people to…

  • A Simple Plan

    A Simple Plan


    don't love this like I thought or hoped I might but it's also a very different movie to the one I imagined and one I'll be happy to rewatch again at some point soon -- man this movie made me feel like shit. so stone cold and aching. Billy Bob here is just totally fantastic. Raimi makes this thing feel so... cruel. There's a constant feeling of a knife being twisted and I was just so sad for almost the whole thing.
    Still a Spiderman(/2) supremacist but I'm pretty sure this is definitely Raimi's strongest work

  • DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story

    DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story


    a lot less funnier than remembered and feels kinda guilty of a lot of the dumbness it's kinda making fun of (I really don't know how to read Christine Taylor's last big moment) but when it's focusing on just being a fun sports movie with less actual verbal Vince Vaughn I enjoy it a lot. Great lil team.

  • When the Garden Was Eden

    When the Garden Was Eden


    49 years since the Knicks won their 2nd Championship! don't remind me of the stuff since!!!

    really happy Knicks superfan Michael Rapaport got to direct this, kinda funny that it wasn't Spike Lee, this thing is super well put together with some truly great little cuts chaining conversations together. If there's a knock it's that these interviews are kinda poorly lit and Rapaport commits the SUPREMELY fucking foolish, totally bozo move of insisting that Boston's Bill Russell was "the most…

  • The Doctor

    The Doctor


    I'll take a great dunk over a deep three pointer almost any day (not that I can hit either); no question that Dr J is in my top 10 favourites for sure. Seriously, if the NBA merged ABA achievements then dude goes from 72nd in scoring to 8th w/ 3 scoring titles and from 211 in rebounding to 35th all time
    crazy right??

    anyway this is a great little thing, not the most well made but hits a number of…

  • Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii

    Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii


    Shocker to realise how burned into my brain this one is despite having last watched it when I was uhhh 14? Either way it's right at the peak of my love for Pink Floyd, try as I might I find the stuff after Meddle (half of WYWH and The Wall excluded) to be pretty much bad but really loving a lot of their stuff prior, especially into Saucerful of Secrets and Atom Heart Mother; so all in all it really…