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  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside


    "Do I really have to finish? Do returns always diminish? Did that I say that right?"

    The first great bedroom opera. If it’s true that the owl of Minerva “takes its flight only when the shades of night are gathering”, for stand-up comics and philosophers alike, then so be it. The purpose of an era can only be beheld at its falling action, when it fades; as if an era ever ‘falls’ or ‘fades’ anyhow. Our great realizations are mere…

  • Ocean's Twelve

    Ocean's Twelve


    "When I was four years old, I watched my mother kill a spider... with a teacosy. Years later, I realised it was not a spider."

    Easy enough, I think, to see this as nothing more than a mere vanity for Soderbergh & co—frictionless, self-adulating, fake—but that would be an oversimplification. I can’t help but read the most ‘performative’ or superficial elements of the film (Tess and Danny’s lack of intimacy and acidic banter, Francois’ Euro-fox silliness, Basher’s accent, Benedict/Reuben’s camp gangster…

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  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me


    Answers are given. Questions remain. There is no finality. The melodrama of Twin Peaks--governed by that steady pulse of commercial breaks, small-town Americana, the wild, beautiful, vicious, violent outbursts of love, phantoms and angels lurking in the corners of the dark--transitions into something all the more horrific, all the more unbelievable, all the more real than was ever imagined before. 'Fire Walk With Me' is a truly genuine cinematic experience. Harrowing. Transcendent. This work of art doesn't merely 'explain' Laura…

  • Persona



    How should we begin to discuss this film? Indelicately, of course. Call Persona a bifurcated tale of psychic fissure, a tone-poem on the traumatic rupture of motherhood, a treatise for middle-class malaise or of cinema as a battle between visceral non-narrative arthouse and pure sequential storytelling. Better yet, call it a critique of Swedish conservatism, gender norms, white counter/culture, sapphic lust, M.P.D. Yadda yadda. All in all, decades worth of intellectual energy has been expended trying to 'figure out' Bergman's…