Prospect ★★★★

Indie sci-fi infused with lo-fi technology and 60s/70s style is definitely my thing. Admittedly, you will have a hard time enjoying this movie if you aren't into the quirky world it presents you in the first 30 minutes. It does not explain any of the hardware or lingo onscreen and makes no attempt to hold the audience's hand. This was not a problem for me and I still have questions.

It overachieves on a low budget with its cinematography and score. The story is tight, simple, and keeps the film under two hours. Again, the world building elevates what would otherwise be a rather forgettable movie.

I liked the two leads a lot. Sophie Thatcher is very charismatic but the chemistry between her and Pedro Pascal could have used some work. Outside of the sci-fi stuff the movie is all about these two characters and it stops Prospect from being a movie I would really love.