Elvis ★★★★

This film is literally the reason to why you should always be yourself! 

The first half is soooo fast paced you can’t catch your breath. However, the second half slows down a lot and as a result I find it to be the stronger half. It could be down to pacing issues or is it to be interpreted with Elvis’ behaviour when he becomes less energetic on and off stage? I would like to view it in a more positive way so I would like to see it in that way. The second half is absolutely fantastic not to say the first was bad it was just too fast paced but did contain some really really cool and interesting shots  and transitions. 
 I hated the rap versions of the songs from what I presume are some modern popular rappers. It was absolutely woeful and didn’t fit the film. But of course Elvis’ music and the other music used was great! 
I researched A LOT of Elvis’ life a while back so I think that made it better going in knowing what would happen for some reason. Although there was a lot to learn in this. I know it’s dramatised but there was details I didn’t know, they clearly did their research and were a passionate about the project! They did definitely care more about telling the story of the around the last 5-ish years of his life more though, with that being the in my opinion stronger second half. Would’ve loved to see Elvis and Priscilla doing karate as their relationship slowly declines. 
How could I not talk about Austin Butlers Oscar worthy performance. He absolutely blew me away. Such a convincing Elvis and exceptional performance, has to be the best for any film I have seen from 2022 so far. He got it perfectly. Tom hanks was not on his top form and it’s pains me to say that. 
This is definitely a "marmite" film but if you love The King of Rock like I do then you’ll 100% enjoy your time with this and I would recommend it! And as the great man once said "Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son." So watch it :)

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