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This review may contain spoilers.

Horror is easy, when people see horror movies they expect to get scared but unlike other emotions and experiences fear can have different intensities. When you see a comedy you know it is funny because you laugh but how do you react to fear?

That depends, the easiest way to scare people is to shock them, this is the reason jump scares are so common. However a jump scare is not fear it is shock. No one is really scared when you hear a bird crashing into the window of a school but when you see a little girl slowly and without emotion or purpose cut a bird's head off with a pair of scissors that is a different kind of fear.

It is shocking when that same girl loses her head in a terrible car accident but that is nothing compared to the slow catatonic drive home lying awake all night in complete shock.

This type of fear is not used in most horror films, even good ones which is why it is so effective. Recently horror movies have had a massive upturn because instead of studios wanting them to be easily marketable like blockbusters, due to them being cheap to make studios are willing to let directors take risks rather than making a movie that is the same but different.

I don't know what scares you but if you saw the trailer and liked it you will like this.

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