The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar ★★★½

An exquisite combination of literary and film form where Wes Anderson wheels us through Dahl’s world in a propulsive fashion full of speedy dialogue and sets/props that move in and out of the frame at will. It’s an energetic work with a smaller story to tell and we don’t get as much Henry Sugar as I was expecting, but the parts that make up the whole are all very good in their own right. After the high of Asteroid City (I’m still on it rn actually) I didn’t love this as much as I hoped I would, but that’s not to dismiss this by any means. This could’ve been a feature, but I’m actually glad that Wes made these shorts. It’s always interesting to see directors make unique projects like this and I’m so excited to see how the other shorts stack up.

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