Spencer ★★★★

A fable of the dramatized and the surreal. Spencer really goes for it and presents a unique and stressful experience. It absolutely makes living in the royal family look like the worst thing in the world. To me it seems like the most soul sucking environment for someone with so much wealth. Romanticizing royalty will be put to rest with this movie. The jazz score was a nice surprise and was very peaceful compared to the rest of the screeching violin sounds in the more on edge scenes. Everything comes together to make a great cinematic experience at the theater. The craft put into this film is remarkable. The cinematography is amazing. The heightened reality this movie presents really worked for me. Kristin Stewart disappeared into the role. Pablo Larrain is an amazing director. Don’t go into it expecting a history lesson. You’ll get a dramatized and fictional character study that is anything but a conventional biopic.

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