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  • New Nightmare

    New Nightmare


    Number 8 of 31 for my October Horror Month

    Freddy's dead, but the crew that brought him to vivid life start having nightmares...

    There's a really good movie in here. But it's too long and the tension doesn't really ever materialize. The idea is a creative one, and I'm sure they had a lot of fun making this, but the fun never truly translated to the screen for me. Perhaps a bigger fan of the series would eat this up,…

  • Don't Breathe

    Don't Breathe


    Number 7 of 31 for my October Horror Month

    Don't Breathe felt like a great exercise in technical horror filmmaking rather than a genuinely frightening movie. It's tense, but I was curiously disinterested with the concept and the way the story played out. Though it's all very impressive, certainly. You could feel the turning of the screws and the way the suspense is heightened is a lot of fun. The blocking of the actors is really smartly organized, and the…

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  • Carol



    I need more adjectives.

    It's really incredible how perfect the period styling is for this. Every aspect recreates the look and feel of that era, and Haynes uses the setting to explore themes and ideas that have intrigued him his whole career. I loved the use of reds and greens; not enough movies utilize green. Everything just looked so lush and sensual!

    There's a movie from 1945 called Brief Encounter, probably David Lean's finest work. Structurally this is very similar,…

  • The Guest

    The Guest


    A fucking blast, and it knows it. This is a genuine genre flick, with ample amounts of reverence for its 80s forebears. There's no hint of irony or self-referential mockery; it knows what it is and wants to be, and it fully commits to that. There are plenty of laughs sprinkled throughout, and the violence is often quick and brutal.

    The tone and the score are the most important things here. They're so precise, and the score is utilized perfectly,…