Spencer ★★★★½

Spencer is an extraordinary piece of work. Every aspect of this film is top notch. It’s far from a typical biopic, as it speculates what could’ve happened over a 3 day span while incorporating many real life truths. The film throws you into the point at which the tension between Diana and the Royal Family is at its peak and doesn’t give much background info. It just lets the situation play out and shows what Diana would have most likely been going through at the time. At certain points, the film becomes a psychological horror film and really pulls it off.

Kristen Stewart’s performance is without a doubt the best I’ve seen this year, and I don’t see anything else topping it. 
Johnny Greenwood delivers a phenomenal score with what sounds like his scores for The Master and Phantom Thread mixed together with some jazz thrown in as well. It goes from graceful, yet somber to tense and chaotic, encapsulating Diana and her mental state throughout the film perfectly. And I have to mention the jaw-dropping cinematography. Absolutely gorgeous. 

I particularly loved the scenes between Diana and her kids, which deliver some very touching moments (the scene where they’re playing a game late at night is probably my favorite scene of the film).

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