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  • Once Upon a Time in the West
  • Amélie
  • Inglourious Basterds
  • The Guard

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  • The Anne Frank Gift Shop


  • Four Daughters


  • Priscilla


  • Our Uniform


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  • The Anne Frank Gift Shop

    The Anne Frank Gift Shop


    #44 of 45 Letterboxd Oscar nominated films

    This wasn’t as funny as I was expecting it to be. In fact, I didn’t even laugh once. It was actually quite touching and focused on the real world problem of trying to engage younger people in the horrors of the Holocaust. Yes, some of the ideas were silly but this short did a good job of disseminating a lot of relevant information on the Holocaust in a non-serious matter. I ultimately didn’t vote for this for Live Action Short, but it was a very close second.

  • Four Daughters

    Four Daughters


    #51 of 53 Oscar nominated films

    This deserves zero stars. I thought nothing could beat The Eternal Memory as the worst documentary nominated this year. Boy was I wrong. This was stupid, boring, beyond tedious, and I didn’t believe anything any of the women were droning on about. What the fuck was up with the actors, real people, movies within the documentary? It was just so dumb and a hot mess.

    The director did an awful job; this film had…

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  • Stopmotion



    This had some creepy scenes, especially the sleep paralysis scene, and the part towards the end in the closet I found genuinely frightening, but otherwise this movie wasn’t all that good. I wanted to like it and it was an interesting idea but the execution missed the mark badly. The plot was a little too obvious, nothing was unpredictable, and the violence and gore just weren’t that interesting or plentiful.

  • Godzilla Minus One

    Godzilla Minus One


    #12 of 53 Oscar nominated films
    #14 of 45 Letterboxd Oscar nominated films

    Wow. Just wow. This movie was fantastic. We’re back on Odo Island when we first meet the creature before moving on to destroyed Tokyo. The storyline is terrific bringing in a large group of characters who are all memorable and important to the story. 

    The creature shows up early and often. He looks great and his atomic breath is back. Definitely watch the original 1954 Godzilla first, if…