American Reflexxx

American Reflexxx ★★★★★

This is more than a short film. This is a social experiment. A reflection, much like the mask that Signe wears, upon society and how shitty as a whole it truly is.

Creepy man-babies, stalking gangs, and rowdy kids become intrusive, as the first thing most of them say is "is that a dude?". Almost all of them are disgusted, yet won't go away just because there's a camera and they're all attention whores. You may also notice that the mob only grows bigger and more unruly.

The preacher section ends up having numerous meanings; I liked that a lot. Signe gets pushed around, sprayed with water (I hope that's what it is), tripped, and then ultimately shoved to the ground with nearly no help in sight.

My rating doesn't mean much here as this is meant more as an awareness piece, rather than a quality film. This showcases savages of all ages and types, and this must change. This must change immediately.

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