Bullitt ★★★★½

Frank Bullitt the civilian is a man fond of turtlenecks. As Lt. Bullitt, he's one of conviction - someone who'd like nothing more than to preside over their case with utmost authority, and damn those of any mindset to the contrary. Overexposure supersedes baseline acclimation in this particular arena, the ugliness all around numbing him to what others presumably can't bear, yet the violent, conspiratorial whirlwind here insists there's no other way to get by in this line of work. McQueen nails Bullitt's coolly observant demeanor to a T, springing into action in the name of integrity's maintenance - he'll never compromise - with his eye on the prize and the pedal to the floor, what's pernicious to his peers and "client" proving righteous to him overall.

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