Malignant ★★★★

Nostalgia as the mutant it always was.
The Beast run rampant, generating & feeding on our emotions. It is slaughter.

The only way to bring this film down is to rewatch Upgrade afterwards.
It drops films like murder mystery clues. Piecing together a steady escalation that feels so casually everyday now. As much Cinderhella as Basket Case. Split would certainly be an interesting double. What Malignant has over Split is:

Monstrous week. Climb down the stars to the grinding industrial club. stretch your legs into the dance floor. Wait. Wait. Wait. Hold the centre. Wait. & .... yes...... this song, sway, move, prepare, know what is coming. But as your energy unleashes through the muscles of your body it feels as alive & fresh as you need right now. Free fall on a flat surface in a smoke machine haze of bodies & lights pounding your nerves to the surface to catch the rhythm.

What is hiding from mental health?
What does mental illness hide from?
No answers, but another representation of a soul saying THIS FAR & NO FURTHER. If the spiral descends, why not try whatever comes to mind to fling the boundary a little further, in a deliberate manner that feels natural from worn prints & half forgotten dreams.
Kinetic catharsis of all this pain & rage poured out backwards, undoing as it does.

But it does feel a lot like James Wan watched Upgrade & felt the ego-burn, felt the need to try & out mic drop Leigh Whannell for Upgrade. See next review.

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