Renfield ★★★

Another simple concept that is hampered by a confused script. A few weeks back Cocaine Bear didn't know where its strengths lied and neither does Renfield. The trailer advertised a silly romp and wisely neglected the nature of Awkwafina's subplot about an honest cop in a thoroughly corrupted police department. It tries to add some half-assed dramatic heft that the film didn't need.

Also there's a lot more action than I expected. It's mostly well executed, except for a couple of quick cuts which make it difficult to keep up. Loads of CG gore. Whenever the movie leans into its over the top nature, it's quite fun. It just doesn't do it as much as I would've liked. Nicolas Cage has some good scenes as Dracula, but doesn't utilize his more extreme antics often enough. Nicholas Hoult emerges as the MVP as he shows quite some talent for comedy. Typically that's also Awkwafina's forte, but she's let down by lackluster writing.

With the focus solely on comedy, Renfield could've been a home run.

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