The Voyeurs

The Voyeurs ★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

This movie is HILARIOUS. With how bad it is. I had to pause at so many points to laugh. First of all, I can't take these baby-faced characters seriously as these professional people with careers. Both couples with these huge-ass apartments in Montréal?? As if. The main girl is stupid as fuck. I knew before even watching it that the neighbors knew from the beginning they were being watched, I just didn't know exactly how it was gonna unfold in the end. The main couple had this "playful" banter between each other that felt SO unnatural and devoid of chemistry. It felt like the male director/writer just wanted to get in as many topless scenes in as possible. He tries to even the playing field by barely showing the guys dick, but it didn't count, sorry. The character even literally says "Boobs babe, there's boobs" like some kind of 12 year old tf? Even ironically it was cringe. Tried so hard to be an erotic thriller but it felt like a baby version of Rear Window or any other spying-on-neighbor-from-my-window movie. And why does no one own curtains?!?