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  • Passing Through

    Passing Through


    FUCKING FINALLY! You can stream this film on rarefilm.com, and you can find a downloadable version of it on archive.org. S/O to Ciara for the link to the first!!

    Now I'm going to try to condense and make cohesive the many thoughts I have about this film.


    Lately I've been chewing at this conversation between Arthur Jaffa & Haile Gerima, wherein Jaffa speaks a bit about the shape that a film has. I thought this was interesting, but I can't…

  • What Happened Was...

    What Happened Was...


    This honestly shifted something inside of me by the end. It's one of the most tense, humane, and unconventionally terrifying films I've ever seen. Some people find it funny, and certainly some of it is. It’s available on Amazon Prime and if you haven't yet, you should watchlist it.

    SPOILERS (don't spoil it!):

    The laughs come a moment too late. The silences and stares last a moment too long. Their bodies and words never find the right rhythm, never connect…

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  • Claudette's Star

    Claudette's Star


    "But then, also, there’s this magic quality. Something you can’t really explain, but feel when you’re looking at the painting"

    Been waiting for a minute to get into Ayo Akingbade’s films (I missed a showing for So They Say on Le Cinéma Club a year ago). That she allows me to bring myself to the world of the film and the consciousness of it’s participants is perfect for the subject matter at hand. I think the approach suggested in many…

  • Julie Mehretu: Palimpsest

    Julie Mehretu: Palimpsest


    Thanks to The Whitney for putting me on to Julie Mehretu’s incredible and expansive work through their lecture series. You can sign up to watch this brief but insightful look into her creative process here while it’s still playing through June 20th.

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  • Judas and the Black Messiah

    Judas and the Black Messiah

    Judas and the Black Messiah is not, nor was it intended to be, primarily the story of Fred Hampton and the Black Panthers. Those elements essentially serve as background noise to the story that King & the Lucas Bros are actually trying to tell here: a 'sprawling crime epic' about William O'Neal (the Judas in question), Roy Mitchell (his FBI agent), and the white power structure itself in the form of the FBI.

    If you have any qualms with those statements,…

  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    This plays every line and gesture so closely to the surface of the text that it becomes nearly impossible to feel anything beyond the filmmakers intent. It’s a fact that isn’t helped by the overbearing score or the occasionally overbearing filmmaking, which take center stage whenever the situation at hand has been stretched so thinly that it can only offer an inch more in the way of tension. Cassavetes is cited as an influence here, but there seems to be a…