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  • Your Father Was Born 100 Years Old, and So Was the Nakba

    Your Father Was Born 100 Years Old, and So Was the Nakba


    The moment where she clicks to go forward in the street and the program seems to lag, as if the camera was walking through waist-high mud. The moment where she full zooms the image of the sky and sees the Google copyright. "Even the sky is broken."

  • The First Time is the Last Time

    The First Time is the Last Time


    He gets top billing here but there's little Andy Lau in the film and what is there is kinda boring, very by-the-numbers romance about an honorable man who can't escape the cop-triad war. The prison for women that is actually the main point of the movie is a bit more complicated. Couldn't really get into it early, I'm not sure "innocent wide-eyed woman getting exposed to the horrors of prison" is the best way into this subject, but by the…

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  • The Future

    The Future


    The beginning is so simple. Two relatively lame jobs, responsability in the horizon, and aging. That's all it takes.

    This movie shares the Frances Ha thesis, which proposes that growing up is the sort of thing that gets harder the better you try to be at it. The moment they face what's ahead of them with a deep fear, most everything else is par for the course. The big difference between their roles is the figures to which they turn…

  • The '?' Motorist

    The '?' Motorist


    You could make a decent-ish argument for the 1900's for the best decade in cinematic fantasy ever.