The Wolf of Snow Hollow ★★★★

Tone is everything in a film like this and if it clicks, it clicks with conviction. And I think it's safe to say that Cummings' dark and off beat approach to this film suited me just fine.

There is something pleasantly hysterical about this film. There are no characters that seem to fit, they all seem to possess a certain subdued frenetic energy scratching at the surface. And when it breaches that surface it really comes into its own and embraces the rules set in its own universe with vigor.

Cummings is the conduit of this energy. And where I can see that what he does here can feel grating if it doesn't click, I for one thought it was hilarious. He manages to somewhere find humanity in a character that at points becomes larger than life.

Now, this is also a horror film of course. I feel the way Cummings plays with the tropes of this genre is clever and works really well. Even though it never really feels like a horror film, it definitely works well as an hommage.

I really appreciate this film's dedication to its essence. The risk is always that you lose a part of your audience because of it.

But I was on board from start to finish.