Terminator: Dark Fate ★★★½

This was a real surprise.

The Terminator franchise's most recent output up until this latest iteration, have varied from being mediocre to complete and utter crap. After the godawful Genesys I really hoped they just would let this franchise die and stop tormenting us with it.

And then Tim Miller pops up and shoots a script written by writers who must have had a good day and churns out an action romp that is easily the third best film in this particular cinematic universe.

He does a couple of things really well here. He doesn't mess about much and gets straight to the point. The action basically starts from the get-go and doesn't hold back. Which is something a film like this desperately needs. On top of that, and this is a really important one, even though it basically follows the template of the second film, it still manages to be its own thing. It gives us new, likeable characters, old recognisable characters, but they all work and flow from a base set so many years ago.

My only real gripe is with the villain, which reminded me a bit too much of part 2. There's nothing wrong with the performance, nor with the visuals, but it just feels a bit generic to me and that is something a villain in a film like this just doesn't need. I am also still not a fan of diminishing the original Terminator to a comic relief sidekick, but I'm willing to forgive it here because seeing Arnold on screen always makes me happy.

The cast is good, Hamilton reprises her role with conviction, but the absolute true star and the main reason this film works as wel as it does, is Mackenzie Davis. Her physicality is truly impressive and she does a lot with a character that feels more like someone written in broad strokes and actually makes her a tether we as an audience lash on to.

So, all in all, I guess we can conclude that after all these years we finally got part three of the Terminator Trilogy.

At least, I hope so.