Frozen ★★★

Daughter 1: Daddy, can we watch Frozen?

Me: Sure thing, honey. Does your brother want to watch as well?

Son: What's it about?

Daughter 1: Oh it's about princesses and true love!

Son - blank stare-

Daughter: and there's a snow monster.

Son: Let's roll.

-movie finishes, Daughter 1 is blaring Let it Go at the top of her lungs-

Me: What'd you think, buddy?

-Son gives me a look-

Me: C'mon, wasn't that bad was it?

Son (these are his actual words):
Too many stupid songs, nothing happens, not enough monsters, all the boys are stupid idiots because of those silly girls and that snowman is annoying.

My son. Film critic and philosopher at four years old.

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