The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight ★★★½

Recommend me movies Shamelessly putting this on top of my review, since my account wasn’t that list oriented before and barely anyone looked at my lists. (And I need help, genuinely need some good shit to be recommended, since the last film I truly adored on first viewing was The Graduate on the 17th December and that’s frustrating.)


The Hateful Eight is one of the most stunning westerns ever made, no doubt about that. Ennio Morricone’s The Thing leftover plus new stuff soundtrack is perfection, like a lot of this really. This is still lower Tarantino for me, because, besides knowing it’s about hateful folks, I couldn’t connect with most characters and the overall story. I’m still unconvinced, if the whole story actually makes perfect sense. Being aware that Tarantino is probably holding back some crucial background-info I can look passed the lack of information to make a possible big plot-hole explainable.

Besides that, Tim Roth’s character is plain simply bad. Tarantino’s writing the same character from Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained in his film again, but to make it not too obvious he’s casting Tim Roth instead of Christoph Waltz. This makes the film immediately incredibly self-indulgent and the over-the-top violence doesn’t help. In fact, I think this is Tarantino’s most self-indulgent work in his entire career. Other aspects that bothered me about this film are Tarantino’s terrible voice-over narration in chapter 4 and nearly the entire Chapter 5. I can’t believe to say this, but this is too much Tarantino for my taste. Glad he made a more “mature” film afterwards.

Besides that, a great great movie. The most stunning Tarantino film and it has some of the best lighting and atmosphere of any of his films. I wouldn’t mind him doing another western for his last film

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