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Malcolm & Marie

Hated this. A spoiled white director writes an insufferable film about himself whining about critics after a critic gave him a bad review for his film Assassination nation and claims it’s about love. Okay here’s the thing, both main characters are egoistic unsympathetic assholes complaining about first-world problems and they don’t give me any reasons to 1) care for them, 2) why they are actually together and 3) why Zandaya didn’t leave this fucking verbally abusive asshole already.

This might be the most pretentious and self-indulgent film I’ve ever seen, it’s shot in black-and-white, because look at how artful and authentic (god I HATE this word now, thank you!) my film is and has some of the most embarrassing, sometimes forcefully unfunny and obnoxious dialogue I’ve ever heard. This film doesn’t say anything that hasn’t been said in the first 5 minutes already or let’s say the film has nothing to say. You want spoiled characters arguing about some shit for 106 minutes? Watch this film!

But now, I’m doing Sam Levinson a favor. Critics and audience should stop interpreting too much into his film (“don’t make it about race, white-supremacy blablablabla”) according to him, so I’ll now just completely talk about the experience:

This is the most fucking exhausting film ever and not in a good Cassavetes way, this is LITERALLY two people arguing against each other, getting verbally abusive and they throw in some rants against some critics. This film isn’t fun, this film isn’t thought-provoking, the look of the film is pretentious, the topic of this film doesn’t keep my interest for 106 minutes as well, including being not even remotely relatable (should’ve been 90 minutes long at most) and ALL of this can sound great, if the director and writer Sam Levinson wouldn’t be such a whining asshole. Oh sorry getting back into your “message complain”, sorry Sam Levinson!

Sam Levinson owes Katie Walsh a goddamn apology

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