Showgirls ★★★★½

Neon lights and stolen suitcases, cheeseburgers under the sunset, exploding sauce into a potful of french fries, violent sex under a fake fountain of dolphins, finding out your worst and best impulses in an existence on a world of surfaces and lies. Kind of an ovni in the history of cinema, so unique and idiosyncratic, a mind blowing masterpiece of excess, debauchery and perversion, the eroticism here is pure poison, as brutal and violent as Nomi’s dance movements. It’s about satire and critique but also about Tucci’s iconic dress, Weber’s ridiculous accent, MacLachlan and Gershon plastered smiles, Berkley’s unforgettable scenes where she eats french fries and when she undresses in front of a pool... A final kiss leaving everything that is fake behind and trying to stay true to the meaningful connections that we make along the way.

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