Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★½

Pasteurized and prude while simultaneously feeling mean and misogynistic - the worst of both worlds. Really awful characters and terrible tonal control too. Wright’s style couldn’t be less suitable for a project, this one demanded someone with an actual perverse edge and a stylistic prowess, and he has neither. Wright is a director of gimmicks, on the nose endeavors, always working with a certain theoretical distancing that renders his films close to parodies of themselves, very constructed and literal, not exactly very felt. At his best, his well assembled rhythm and debauched style gave some easy, funny films, at its worst it became this bizarre, gutless Polanski/Argento homage, derivative in the worst sense of the word. It feels even disrespectful to watch these images and think that they were intended as a reimagination of those directors’ styles, everything is so mistakingly oriented, so cluelessly handled.

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