Nobody ★★★★

this movie is if Joker was a hot family man (NO I WILL NOT UNPACK THAT)

Quite realistic because it is very man of Bob Odenkirk to wish for drunken assholes to get on a packed bus when there's a girl on it that easily could have gotten hurt whilst fucking their shit up. I KNOW HE'S GOOD AT WHAT HE DOES BUT MY MAN WHY NOT LET HER GET OFF AS WELL! YOU ALREADY LET THE BUS DRIVER GET OFF, LET HER GET OFF TOO!

Other than that this movie had no right being this fun and put together. The balance between the visual jokes and the comedic dialogue was stellar and the visuals were really pleasing. This movie is what many film students want to make, and it does it pretty fucking well.

Yeah, I swore. What are you gonna do about it? I'm cool.

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