Fantastic Mr. Fox

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This review may contain spoilers.

"You know, you really are ... fantastic" - Mrs. Fox

A very fun film! I enjoyed this more than The Grand Budapest Hotel, which i wasn't a huge fan of. This film on the other hand was quite enjoyable i thoroughly enjoyed the plot, the pacing of the film and the unique filmmaking style of Wes Anderson.

I was surprised with where the plot went as i didn't know anything about it before watching (which is not usually the case, normally i know a little bit of the plot beforehand but this film i didn't.) I loved the simplicity of the plot and the way all the characters come up with the ideas of what to do next etc is great to watch. The pacing is also so good, the fact that the film is under 1 hr 30 means the pacing has to be good to get though the story effectively, and this film does just that!

The music was perfect, it fits so perfectly with both Wes Anderson's films and this film specifically. Its just a fun jolly upbeat tune that never fails to make you smile, paired with the beautiful annimation of the film makes for a truly enjoyable time.

The characters were all so cool, all the animals and the 3 bad dudes😅 The voice acting for the characters were perfect also it all worked so well. With everything from the music to the annimation to the choice of voice actors cant help but make this film great!

A definite must watch for anyone who's into either Wes Anderson films or Annimation films as this is a great film in bith of those categories! Worth a good few rewatches aswell, thanks to that short runtime maoes rewatching this film seem easier (for me personally atleast😅)

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