Halloween ★★★★★

Scary and creepy as hell, the John Carpenter classic still live up to the standards it set way back in 1978. This how horror movie should be like, there is no unnecessary loud scary background noises here and zero false jump scares, so how's it scary, the kids today ask. Well from what is no doubt one of the best opening scene in cinema, where we see a POV shot of Michael Myers watching his sister and her boyfriend and then slashing the hell out her. He escapes after 15 years from a mental institution and goes home on Halloween, to get a sick nostalgia.
I've said this before but fuck yeah I'll say it again, Mr. Carpenter is the king of the mountain of directors, a man of vision who exactly know what he is doing and perfectly portrays it on screen.
There is a lot to learn from Halloween for all cinephiles, and aspiring movie makers on how to build tension and the use of atmospheric horror and jump scares that are actually scary.
A true horror classic by the greatest horror visionary, the man himself John Carpenter.
Strongly recommended for everyone and to anyone who wants to see a good horror movie!!!5 stars!!!!!

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