Dune ★★★

there's no doubt that denis villeneuve's Dune is masterful on a technical level. it's absolutely stunning to look that, your eyes will be glued to that fucking screen and it'll visually blow you away. all the performances are great, the han zimmer score is an atmospheric banger, the sets are absolutely insane, the costumes are incredible and the special effects are top-tier. a lot of time and money went into this thing and you can see it all up there on the screen. other than that, i wasn't really fully captivated with it. the pacing was all over the place and film didn't really kick into gear for me until they arrived on arrakis. i totally believe that this first film was going to be over 3hrs long but the studio made denis cut it for distribution, i feel that if it was longer and had more time to explain things and add more character moments then it would have helped the film overall. i felt absolutely no emotional attachment to most of these characters, expect for jason momoa because it's fucking jason momoa and my main man thufir. i didn't even really have a sense of fear when it came to the villains, gurney describes them as "BRUTAL", i didn't feel that at all, sure they're freaky looking but i wasn't scared of them. the violence they dish out during the atreides extermination sequence also felt super sanitized, it didn't feel hard-hitting or imposing. even when it came to the rest of the action sequences, they were all very underwhelming and unexciting, i've seen more thrilling and engaging action in marvel movies for fucks sakes, the action here just felt so...idk, PG? some dagger-to-dagger combat would go down and in my head i'd just be like "really? that's it? ok.". the fighting never had any impact. no oomph, ya know what i mean? AND YOU GOT THOSE GODDAMN COOL ASS DRAGONFLY SHIPS! ADD A TOP GUN-ESQUE DOGFIGHT OR SOMETHING! COME ON! THRILL ME! don't get me wrong though, i do like this world, i want to see where the rest of the trilogy goes and i want to rewatch this as soon as it drops on blu-ray. and no, i haven't read the book but i'm thinking i should get on that shit asap, even though i strongly think that reading the book shouldn't be a pre-requisite to get more enjoyment out of the movie, the movie should be able to establish that enjoyment all on it's own.

p.s. i'm beyond amped for the inevitable Dune porno parody: PUNE.


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