Sick ★★★½

I think this is the first legit period piece for pandemic-era horror. It hits the mark for those scary early-times in 2020 when everything was closing down, most of us were in quarantine and nobody really knew all the facts. It actually feels like a long time ago when there were arrows on the supermarket floor, so at the very least this brought back that particular horror.

With its mix of Gen Z sensibilities, Scream plot elements, dabs of Friday The 13th and good old fashioned “slasher on the loose” action horror, Sick is fun at its core. The message isn’t going to connect with everyone, in fact I’m sure it’s polarizing.

I’m not easily polarized though, and if you’re the kind of person who can see the Covid era from a number of perspectives, you’ll look right past the “messages” and directly into its competent, engaging horror.

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