Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★★

“My house. My rules.”

More twists and turns than the wires of tangled headphones. Packed to the brim with that metatextual jazz riff Johnson fancies with all his work in how audiences and characters relate to the subject matter and stature.

See, nerds? *This* is far more appropriate material to describe how Johnson “subverted expectations” since you all first heard it on red letter media media one time. He’s not just pulling the rug out to shock and entertain (though I can’t imagine someone watching this and not getting a kick out of it), he’s following through on decisions that tell us about these characters and their world views. He’s a real fucking filmmaker.

Sorry, I might still be bitter about overblown reactions to TLJ. Given some Thromby characteristics, I have to imagine Johnson is too. But he’s better than to let that hold him down. He’s got movies to make. And damn fucking good ones. 

Amazing blocking in this all-star ensemble. Watching the Thromby clan continually position themselves around the house, determined to get stronger footing against each other. At least until the knives come out. Love the set design and props too. Small planted little seeds like ticking time bombs with explosive payoffs. Close attention to detail in regards to class with the wardrobes and utilities. Simple things like the difference between phones and food (the bananas). 

I cackled through its entirety. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a theater all year. Ana De Armas FYC.

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