Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne ★★★

"Oh my god. That's Jason Bourne."

Omg indeed. Not because it's Jason Bourne but omg because nooooo it's sorta bad. Kind of. I still liked some of it.

The story is a mess and drags in every element that worked in the past but with a "You *still* don't know the real story yet!" that really puts a stink on the whole thing.

Acting as usual per the franchise is better than every other action franchise. Tommy Lee Jones is perfectly fit for this movie. Alicia Vikander is still running for Miss Universe. Julia Stiles is *surprise* underutilized but I expected better from this series. I'm just going to pretend Vincent Cassel is reprising his role as the Nightfox from OCEAN'S TWELVE.

Everything else in the story department falls apart so don't even bother. And yet... the action might be the best in the series (yeah, I think they even top the car chase in SUPREMACY). The section in Greece and Vegas put blockbuster action to shame and for that I'll give it 3 stars. I really hated the inorganic story material that pushes the narrative but my god Greengrass knows how to shoot contemporary action (i.e shaky cam and other in-your-face mechanics) like nobody's business.

Still, it's a crippling disappointment after the original trilogy changed the landscape of modern action cinema and goofily contextualizes contemporary espionage issues. This is just another reboot and that's a bummer.

-Moby's "Extreme Ways" plays-