Pig ★★★★½

This one hit me hard. I wasn't expecting this kind of story and this kind of performance. This movie might be tough for some people because of the pace, but once we dive into the story we see a complex, honest, open film that deals with hard concepts but does it with a lot of subtlety. The film speaks about loss, about the memory that we have of someone important, about why it means to remember that person, about loneliness, and why we may have withdrawn from society. It became something profound and rich, with many layers, in which we see a defeated man who wants to recover that something, that pig that somehow keeps him standing.

I would even say that the movie is very poetic, because the conversations, the shots, the cinematography help to give weight and a solid background to each action that is taken. Nic Cage and Alex Wolff complement each other very well, and both are on a journey to find catharsis, the script shines by making us see who they are beyond their simple characters. The film takes its time and slowly peels off the layers that make us more trapped in the story. Pig ends up being one of the best films of the year because it's built fascinatingly, the movie moves forward with a lot of nuances, and the silence speaks volumes.

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