Spencer ★★★★½

That’s cinema, baby!

Finally, a film that evokes some emotions in me at this year’s festival.
My girl KStew better get that Oscar. And prison for everyone at Chanel who thought that was an appropriate red carpet outfit. 

The score was everything! 

Yes, it might be a little overdramatic. But that’s cinema, baby. I loved that they didn’t go for an historically accurate depiction of events. They gave us a somewhat happy end. 
And that cinematography was gorgeous. 

My girl got that standing ovation! (This must’ve been my inner Olivia Rodrigo voice coming through.)

Thank fuck I at least got one compliment for my outfit, so it wasn’t all for nothing. And my pal Maggie was again just casually walking the festival area.

(When I left the screening and found myself surrounded by fangirls screaming for Timothée on the red carpet, I was having a bit of a main character moment. Elegantly winding myself through the crowd.)

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