Ratatouille ★★★★½


“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.”

For some reason I don’t think I’ve actually seen this movie in it’s entirety before. I’m certainly I’ve just seen random clips from the movie and sadly never gotten around to watching it all. What a delightful and charming movie it is though! Immediately shooting high up into one of my favourite Pixar movies. 

The film looks absolutely stunning. I feel like I’m saying this for each successive Pixar film I watch, but honestly this is the best animation so far. I managed to visit Paris pre-covid and this film really does capture the almost mystical beauty of that special city. For a film about rats, the city manages to always be filled with gorgeous aesthetics. This extends to the rats themselves, all gorgeously designed, with the fur animation looking absolutely astounding on each and every one of the small creatures. 

The film really focussed on dreams and how anyone can achieve what they desire if they have the drive and the passion. Remy is a fabulous character to watch on screen. Passionate and charming, his dedication feeling relatable. His story plays out really well, with a quick pacing to the story but never too quick that the connection to the Remy and his story is rushed. Linguine too is a great character, anxious and nervous, trying his best but never quite succeeding. The friendship formed between him and Remy is simple, but effective. It works as an underdog story without falling into too many cliches.

It’s certainly a movie that will work for both adults and children. It’s slightly lighter on the comedic aspect that some Pixar films thrive in, but it doesn’t need to be. There are funny moments here and there, but the main focus is on its story and lead characters. It feels mature without losing the sight of its target audience in the slightest. Brad Bird manages to keep the story well balanced, with a brilliant script that is full of charm and charisma for all the characters. 

A brilliantly captivating film, with gorgeous animation, a good voice cast, and an interesting story. It’s certainly one I will want to revisit, and I wish I’d actually seen it in full way before now!

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