Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★★

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“What would Thomas the Tank Engine say?”

This is exactly what I expected and wanted from this film. A big bombastic action movie that never takes itself too seriously. Fast paced, some great stylised action and plenty of funny moments throughout its runtime, it’s a real fun ride from start to finish. It’s engaging throughout and while there might be an overly convoluted story and explanation for why these characters are all here, it doesn’t detract from the fun. 

The cast are great. Brad Pitt shows just how charismatic and likeable he can still be as our protagonist ‘Ladybug’. He’s clearly having an absolute blast going from fight to fight. Though while he is good, it’s perhaps the cast of colourful and bizarre characters around him that steal the show. Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson were my favourites here, characters and performances that could have walked straight out of a Guy Ritchie movie, they provide some of the funniest moments and have surprisingly great chemistry together. There’s plenty of fun cameos too, while perhaps in your face, they mostly land in a nice fun surprise. 

David Leitch directs well, with stylised action set pieces and always keeping the movie fast paced but coherent. He knows how to put together a well made crowd pleaser, that’s for sure. There’s enough for all the cast to play around with, plenty of memorable characters and moments, with a rocking soundtrack and a fun sense of chaos throughout. I recommend!

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