Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★½

Originally came out of this feeling a bit a mixed, but after giving it some thought I really dug it. Gave off major Wes Anderson vibes in some parts, and after a very emotional part towards the third act I was completely sold on the rest of the film. At first I thought the comedy was a bit out of place in times, but after thinking about it more I really like that the comedy was there to showcase the absurdity of the Nazi party. Only someone like Taika Watiti could make this work; anyone else and this could’ve turned out terrible. I don’t really see this as Best Picture worthy, but I do really like it. I also don’t really see why Scarlet Johansson got an Oscar nomination for this. She’s great in it, but the performance didn’t blow me away or anything.

I haven’t seen Little Women yet, but otherwise I’ve unabashedly loved every single Best Picture nominee. I’m cool if any of the films nominated take home the award this year.

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