Malignant ★★★★

He pretends to be nice. But he's the Devil.

When the camera pans around to reveal the absolutely horrifying and thrilling twist to Malignant, I knew James Wan had taken me on a ride far beyond what I would have imagined... The thrills and shocks in this film are what horror should be again: a little shlocky and sometimes bad, but more often than not, exciting to the maximum. The kills are horrifying, and it's the type of movie that'll have you shouting at your screen to tell the character to GTFO. I even did scream a few times (sorry neighbor) and some of the dialogue lines just hit in a really funny manner. If you can afford to do so, avoid all spoilers and go into this blind. It's one of the best misleading twists I've seen in a long while and I honestly cannot wait to rewatch this movie with the twist in mind. Because the journey it takes you on is underratedly good. One of my favorites from the HBO slate this year.
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