Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★

I hate the water… and I hate being wet… and I hate you!

It’s messy, unbalanced, pretty racist, has a weird white savior complex around the main characters, and doesn’t show off as much of the world as the other Indiana Jones movies. But I can’t hate it. The action and adventure aspect of Temple of Doom really shines through, and there’s lots of hilarious moments with subtle (or unsubtle) humor. Capshaw gives it 100%— many were annoyed with her take on Willie Scott, but she serves as a totally different foil to Jones and even has some of her own good moments in the film. Amrish Puri is absolutely terrifying as Mola Ram, and the heart scene will live on in my memory forever (my heart will go on, anyone?) As a kid, this was my favorite of the films due to the dark tone and wild caricature-like characters— and now I recognize how it’s much more problematic than 9-year-old me would remember—but I couldn’t hold back from having fun again. And the 4K Blu-ray again looks incredible.

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