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  • Dog Day Afternoon
  • Stalker
  • The Thing
  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

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  • Saw


  • Dave Chappelle: Killin' Them Softly


  • Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation


  • Dave Chappelle: Equanimity


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  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love


    All this time I thought John Wick had the most iconic suit in cinema.

    After a month hiatus from movies, we’re back. If anything, all this time away has only made my love and appreciation for film stronger.

    Adam Sandler is such a good actor when he isn’t playing someone who’s entire character arc is slapstick comedy.

    There were so many dope lines in this movie, but my two favorite were:

    “Is something wrong?”
    “I don’t know because I don’t…

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II


    Important First Statement: Please don’t go see this movie in theaters, sit right behind someone else when other seats are available, and think that your “whispers” during a movie LITERALLY CALLED A QUITE PLACE will not be heard just because A) your friend didn’t see the first movie and B) you forgot everything about the first and think saying ALL OF YOUR THOUGHTS out loud is appropriate. Thx 👍🏼 (This totally didn’t happen to me that the theaters today 🙃)…

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  • Saw



    Halloweekends 2021:

    There were so many lines that I never thought I would hear in this movie.

    P.S. Broke the Dave Chapelle marathon in order to get a spooky szn movie in.

  • Dave Chappelle: Killin' Them Softly

    Dave Chappelle: Killin' Them Softly


    “The more you know, the more you don’t know and shit”

    I saw something once that said adding “and shit” to the end of a sentence instantly took away from its power. That is completely wrong as this one quote went so hard.

    Also, I would hate to be sitting behind the people that stand up after every good joke.

    It is also crazy to hear stories about Clinton and the idea of one day having a black president 21…

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  • Luca



    “Some people, they’ll never accept him. But some will. And he knows how to find the good ones.“

    I don’t care what anyone says, this movie can totally be used as an allegory for inclusion of all types. This movie is much more than a coming-of-age story and it only got better from start to finish. I will just leave it at that.

  • On Golden Pond

    On Golden Pond


    Happy Father’s Day (movie picked by dad pt. 3)

    “Listen to me, mister. You're my knight in shining armor. Don't you forget it. You're going to get back on that horse, and I'm going to be right behind you, holding on tight, and away we're gonna go, go, go!"”

    “I don't like horses.”

    Me feeling emotional…my mom crying like she always does during any movie.

    The movie felt slow, but it felt beautifully constructed as themes of life moving too fast and fear of death were at the forefront.