Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once

PVR Juhu.

Big screen with no Atmos and no IMAX or PXL. But still the magic persists.

Truly a great example of what heights cinema can achieve without these add ons and modern must haves. Was moved to tears towards the end, despite knowing what's coming. This is what great cinema does- makes you forget even if you have a pretty didactic memory.

Not censored with cuts- but the word bitch was muted while everything else was going on. Truly bizarre.

I don't understand people. Woman sitting in my row seems to be excited by the film- yet phone wasn't kept on silent and she is constantly recording the film in video or photos. I raised stinkeye over the phone ringing and in interval, she and friend switched rows.

You're welcome cinema. I now go to cinemas to pity audiences more than watch films. How miserable it must be, to ignore art for one's own bullshit hubris.

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