Blonde ½

#Venezia Day 9 Sala Darsena, 8:30am 8th Sept.
Blonde will start a war.
I’m canceling my Netflix subscription now.
Just why don’t you film porn instead, lmao

I’ve seen plenty of NC-17 films but none of them triggered me like this. It’s the most disrespectful and offensive movie I’ve ever seen. If you love watching porn in movies, this is for you. She is basically a sex toy and constantly manipulated by various men. She is unnecessarily topless for a huge amount of screen time (Update: Total Topless Duration: 591 seconds 00:09:51). It’s painfully higher than normal. Like the director wants to see her topless deliberately. 
The camera is continuously focusing on her panties when she’s doing the iconic pose. And in an extremely disrespectful scene, (spoilers alert) the man throws her naked pictures at her topless boobs (why is this a little bit funny already lmao💀). That’s not even the worst scene. They even filmed a pov abortion shot and a closeup blowjob shot (Total Blowjob Duration: 89 seconds 00:01:29 and Total Handjob Duration: 102 seconds 00:01:42). The unborn baby speaks (CGI Fetus Screen Time: 64 seconds 00:01:04). She is either crying or being dragged or saying daddy all the time in the second half. You could just fancy her in your mind. Why did you make this film?
'Daddy' Count: 26 times (including 'father')

The biggest problem is that she doesn’t have opinions of her own. All her stories are about her passive reaction of childhood trauma, forced? abortion, daddy issues and brainless dating (and she calls her partners daddy in nearly every sentence near the ending).

Positive Aspects
It’s technically stunning. The first half is 7/10. The original score fits the picture perfectly. There’re many artistic shots I really love.
I’ll give 1/10 or visually 7.878/10 (without all the disgusting scenes).

Reply to the comment:
I saw Enter the Void before and I genuinely love it. Blonde is not as direct as Void or Irréversible or Nymphomaniac in terms of sex. It’s subtle but more disturbing and humiliating in many scenes and many ways.
I really wanted to like this film before the screening. But I end up hating it and I’m traumatized.

Poor Ana and Marilyn! I have Blonde ptsd now and I can’t even look at their names💀.
The downfall of human race.

I don’t want to blame anyone for liking this film. I’m only telling my opinions and emotions about the film and how I saw it from my perspective. 
I wrote ‘Blonde will start a war‘ only to express it’ll be divided and of course don’t hope for a war lol.

I was a little depressed because I couldn’t believe the direct exploitation on the screen. So I wrote the review. I watched this with 900+ ppl and a huge screen. It’s really making me uncomfortable and I’m sad our society produced this film. That’s all. I believe we can exchange our honest thoughts by discussing it peacefully and rationally. Love and peace!

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