Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder ★★

I fear that Taika may be a one-trick pony after all.

A tonally-confused mess, which wastes a really amazing villain performance from Christian Bale in service of… the first out-and-out MCU comedy? Not really what this story deserves. Also this movie looks really bad, like surprisingly so—not sure how that happened but it appears to be a new trend. Maybe consider paying your VFX teams more fairly, Mr. Feige.

Overall, another massive dud for Phase IV. Marvel is in a major creative rut rn, and I’m now wondering how they’ll recover; obviously these movies always make a truckload of money but none appear to be critical successes as they were before. Is the bubble about to burst? Who can say—but I think my tolerance for Taika may be quickly slipping away.

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