Roma ★★★★★

The driveway. The forest. The protest. The hospital. The beach. 

Roma is a film unlike any other. Showcasing life in its most beautiful forms. From life to death, and everything in between, we see it all unfold in the year’s best film. 

Alfonso Cuarón is a true auteur and this film will be remembered as his masterpiece. I couldn’t hold back the tears during the hospital scene, even though I had a hunch at what was coming next. I felt as though I knew each character’s emotions, something I rarely experience while watching a film. 

There are three elements of this film that are perfect: The direction, cinematography, and editing. All three by Cuarón, who subtly moves the camera around a scene, one time even doing a 360° while following a character shutting off lights. His cuts are few, but pack a punch each time the scene cuts. This is a filmmaker at the top of his game.

Side note: There is a theater about an hour away showing this film and, even though I could watch it for “free” on Netflix nonstop, this is a film that must be experienced on the big screen for its complete and utter beauty.

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