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  • The Westward Trail

    The Westward Trail


    One of those low budget westerns that history forgot, but somehow Starz has it in their catalog. A very typical cowboy flick with singing segments sprinkled in, probably to make it a little bit longer as its just 58 minutes long. It also feels older too, like something from the early 30’s with its static camera. But there’s some jokes here that might give you giggle, like the guy giving a story on how he got a necklace, might.

  • Tangled Trails

    Tangled Trails


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Released also as sands of sacrifice. Tangled Trails is a Northern (basically cowboys in Canada) melodramatic action film.

    It’s about a corporal mountie named Jack Borden who plans to arrest Phil Lawson, an amoral promoter who sells worthless goldmine stocks, on killing his Partner. Replaced his uniform with a suit and a giant cowboy hat, Jack follows Phil to New York city, where just in a nick of time, Jack save a female reporter from phil, a fistfight ensues. After…

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