Nemesis ★★★★

A total facemelter. Cyberpunk noir genre-blend that’s defined by its ingenuity and desire to entertain at all costs. Unrestrained creativity on a seemingly low budget. Getting every cent it can on screen and even when that’s exhausted Pyun’s (RIP) inventive direction still manages to thrill. The shootouts in here should make movies on 10x its budget feel embarrassed, so loud, propulsive and exciting. Gruner shooting his way though a building’s floors has to be seen to be believed. Each setpiece somehow tops the last and judging by the opener you’d think that would be impossible. On top of that this even sneaks in incredible, jaw dropping stunts and some delightfully creative sci-f practical effects. Miniatures, animatronics, stop motion, prosthetics, the works, this thing has got it all.

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